BC Game Contacts

Find all the ways you can connect with BC Game on our Contacts page. Whether you need technical support, have questions about your account, or want more information about our services, our comprehensive contact details will guide you to the right support quickly and efficiently.

Support Channels

BC Game offers several ways for users to get in touch for support. Below is a table that lists the primary networks where BC Game is active, along with direct links to each:


For a full list and the most recent updates on support channels, visit the BC Game website.

How to Get Help?

To effectively receive assistance from BC Game’s technical support, adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Be specific: provide the error messages, screenshots, and what exactly you were trying to do at that particular time. It will enable the support team to understand your problem and be able to solve it in short order.
  2. Be polite: our support team is here to help. Remember always, a nice and respectful tone will go a long way, helping to bring about effective speech and resolution on the other side.
  3. Use the appropriate channel: choose the right support channel according to your issue. For superior assistance on technical problems, better open an issue or join the discord server. For general questions, try reaching out to the customer support team via official platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Following these tips will definitely improve your way of communication with BC Game support and will help you to solve your issues faster.

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