BC Game License Information

Explore the robust licensing framework of BC Game Casino, ensuring a secure and regulated gaming environment. Our license details reflect our commitment to legal compliance and player safety, providing you with a trusted platform for enjoying your favorite casino games.

Detailed info

BC.GAME is one of the fully licensed and legally compliant betting platforms in India. BlockDance B.V. operates, and the owner of BC.GAME is registered and regulated under the laws of Curacao. It operates with the Commercial Register of Curaçao number 158182 and is located at Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F. “Don” Martina 31, Curaçao. We operate under sublicense CIL pursuant to Master Gaming License #5536/JAZ.

This can also mean further evidence of our commitment to carrying out only legal and transparent work, which has been enshrined in the developed and detailed Privacy Policy for the collection, use, and management of personal data. According to “Terms of Use” on BC.GAME, all our services follow that particular policy, having every interaction with our platform maintain high standards in data privacy and security. Such commitment is by ensuring the user of our platform security and legality in the gaming and betting activities carried out. The privacy policy and all other legal information will be available, and the user can access the same at any time.

Risks from Unlicensed Gambling Platform

For instance, the treatment of an unlicensed gambling platform is of high risk to personal data and financial security. Such platforms are not, per se, regulated to the legal standard set by the governing bodies, and thus, most of the time, they are characterized by unfairness in the outcome of the games and bad security over personal data. This might include being subjects of identity theft, losing finances, and even being involved in possible criminal activities.

And the players in the unlicensed market miss the protecting measures forced by the licensed operators like BC.GAME, including tools of responsible gaming and possibilities to lock oneself out. This has actually been combined with a lack of regulatory oversight that would make customer complaints and disputes, if they do arise, be handled in a very unfair and non-transparent manner, leaving the player virtually no possibility in case of problems.

So, with BC.GAME, you will bet on a platform that is attuned to all legal compliances and, at the same time, focuses on the highest priority of the fairness and security of all gaming activities. All of these in accordance with strict regulations put in place by our gaming license under Curaçao law #5536/JAZ. This ensures the standards maintained are to give all users a safe and secure environment.

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